President’s Message – Dec 2, 2020

Fellow SUA Brothers & Sisters:

As we move into the holiday season, it is my sincere hope that you (and yours) are healthy and staying safe as we continue to deal with the ongoing challenges presented by Covid-19.  Both in-person and virtually, the Board has met on its regular schedule…ensuring the business of SUA moves forward.

I am pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated a 2:15 time limit with the Shore Conference on sub-varsity baseball and softball games. Our proposal was recently approved by the SC Executive Committee as a one-year pilot effective in 2021. The change will be included in the SC Rules/Guidelines received by member schools. The practical field application of the time limit will be covered by our Interpreters at our meetings.   

We also reached agreement on a modification to the “Preferred Lists”, as well as the way we will assign certain games. The Shore Conference made it clear that they were open to exploring change, as long the “list” remained in place. They want our best officials on the “bigger” games and expect us to work with them to identify those games.


  • Effective 2021, schools will be required to submit to our Assignor15 umpires’ names and identify three (3) high profile games on their schedule.
  • When making initial assignments, our assignor will make every attempt to ensure that the (2) highest ranking officials on a school’s list are assigned to games identified as “high profile.”
  • Additionally, we agreed that our Assignor (in consultation with the SUA Interpreters) will evaluate assignments in 2-3-week blocks to ensure that we staff late season games properly.
  • In return, our Assignor receives greater latitude in using officials NOT on lists. This willresult in a more diverse group of officials receiving exposure to varsity games.

Other issues we have been addressing:

Virtual Meetings:  It is looking very likely that 2021 meetings will be virtual. If you’re not familiar with Zoom, Jitsi, etc. I strongly recommend doing so.

Recruitment/Development:  We have had a few cadet applications for next year’s class and can certainly use more. The Board continues to focus on this issue. If you know of anyone interested in joining SUA please have them contact me at 

ZebraWeb: As with any new system, the new assigning platform has presented Nick with several challenges. He’s has been working closely with the Board to address issues as they emerge. If you have not already set up your ZW account, please do so ASAP. Instructions are on our website.

If you have specific questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact me directly at or 848-221-5958.

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Yours in sports,
Joe Erickson

SUA President