Message from Bruce Bresnahan

Fellow Umpires:

Time limit is only for Sub Varsity games.  There is no time limit for Varsity games. 
Please, jewelry rule must be enforced. Make them remove it. Even the plastic bands on the wrist area. Make sure everyone gets this done. 
Sunglasses are very important also. Players wear them or leave them in the Dugout. Very easy rule to follow. 
Eye black – One line across. 
One on deck batter. No one else should have a bat in their hand. 
Between innings get them in & out. No more than 5 warm ups or 1 minute.  Do not let them take more than 5 between innings at any level.  Unless we have a new pitcher who has up to 8 warm ups.

Make sure that you look in the rule book from Time to Time.  Make sure the Blind man can hear the game & The Deaf man can see the game. 
Do not make yourself part of the Game. Just do your Job.
Have a great Season. Should be a good one. 
Stay Well & God Bless
Bruce Bresnahan