NJSIAA COVID Accomodations

At the request of some of our smaller member schools, the NJSIAA has been granted permission to modify the NFHS Baseball and Softball Rules for this Spring only:
As per the 2020 Rules Books, Modification in bold below. 
Baseball Rule 1, Section 1, Art. 1 Each of the two teams consists of at least nine players throughout the game (Exception 4-4-1f)
Baseball Rule 4, Section 4, Art. 1 f.  is unable to provide at least nine players to start the game or cannot provide eight players to finish the game.
Softball Rule 3, Section 1, Art. 1 Each of the two teams must start with nine players. 
Softball Rule 4, Section 3, Art. 1 g. cannot provide 8 players.
NJSIAA Baseball and Softball modification for the 2021 Season only:  The game may be started with 8 players (no out in the 9th batting order spot), however must finish with eight players to be counted as a game.  If the lineup is reduced to seven players, the game is over and should be reported as a forfeit.  The opponent has the option to maintain a full line-up or reduce to 8 as well. This determination must be made by the athletic administrator upon notification of the reduced number of players and not determined at the game site.  It is the responsibility of the school athletic administrator unable to provide nine players, to contact their opponent in a timely fashion. 
Any questions, contact:
Baseball:  Tony Maselli, tmaselli@njsiaa.org
Softball:  Kim DeGraw-Cole, kcole@njsiaa.org